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I had a previous case open that involved a DUI that happened in 2017. I was on probation and picked up another DUI charge this year. So I had a mandatory 15 days jail time and violated my probation that is mandatory jail time. I received no jail time. I had a previous lawyer representing my first case but, I dropped him after speaking with Ms. Maddox- Levine about my new case. I am currently working in the government and could not afford to have these charges on my record. I explained this to Ms. Maddox- Levine I am currently 24 years old and she was able to get me a YRA (Youth [Rehabilitation] Act) which was just passed in DC this year. The [YRA] is able to set aside any convictions that has happen before the age of 24. So, my convictions will be set aside after I complete probation and 150 hours of community service 90 hours is the maximum for 1 charge but I had 2 cases I was fighting. I have supervised probation as well, but in all honesty she is the BEST lawyer I have ever came across she is compassionate, savvy, and really does her research ex: YRA. Best DUI LAWYER I HAVE EVER CAME ACROSS THANKS AGAIN Ms. Maddox-Levine.

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