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5/5 Stars - Avvo Reviewer: Ms. Maddox- Levine is an exceptional lawyer and is very affordable. I had a previous case open that involved a DUI that happened in 2017. I was on probation and picked up another DUI charge this year. So I had a mandatory 15 days jail time and violated my probation that is mandatory jail time. I received no jail time. I had a previous lawyer representing my first case but, I dropped him after speaking with Ms. Maddox- Levine about my new case. I am currently working in the government and could not afford to have these charges on my record. I explained this to Ms. Maddox- Levine I am currently 24 years old and she was able to get me a YRA (Youth [Rehabilitation] Act) which was just passed in DC this year. The [YRA] is able to set aside any convictions that has happen before the age of 24. So, my convictions will be set aside after I complete probation and 150 hours of community service 90 hours is the maximum for 1 charge but I had 2 cases I was fighting. I have supervised probation as well, but in all honesty she is the BEST lawyer I have ever came across she is compassionate, savvy, and really does her research ex: YRA. Best DUI LAWYER I HAVE EVER CAME ACROSS THANKS AGAIN Ms. Maddox-Levine.

5/5 Stars- Best DWI Attorney Review: "I received counsel from Mrs. Maddox-Levine for my 3rd DUI offense. With her professional expertise and knowledge we were able to come to a very very acceptable sentence which included NO JAIL TIME. Her willingness to listen and understand what your thoughts and concerns are regarding your case made me feel extremely comfortable knowing that I was going to get the best possible result with her ... counsel. I researched many of the top DUI lawyers in the D.C. area and decided to go with Mrs. Maddox-Levine. This clearly was the correct choice and I am grateful for everything she did for me. She is also reasonably priced and allows payment plans for those that do not have the ability to pay in lump sums. Her relationships within the court system show and she is well respected in her field throughout. If you are recommending counsel I highly recommend Mrs. Maddox-Levine."

5/5 Stars - Best DWI Attorney Review: "I am forever grateful to Maddox Levine and her team!  Her professionalism is amazing and the level of care she devotes to her clients is unmeasured. She treated me like a family member and followed up to make sure I got the best results for my case. My lawyer for life from now on. Not to mention the service was affordable for work load needed. Thank you so much Maddox Levine!!!"

5/5 Stars- Avvo Reviewer:  After a night of partying, celebrating my best friends birthday I made what feels like the worst decision of my life. I choose to relocate my car to avoid a parking ticket all while under the influence of alcohol, despite having a designated driver to take me home ...  I was stopped by the Officer ...  processed and charged with a DUI after blowing a 0.16 on the breathalyzer. After sobering up and retrieving my car from the impound lot the first thing I did was research for a lawyer! I did my google search and came across T. Maddox-Levine's profile and website and after reading her reviews I knew I had to give her a call. Within minutes she explained everything I needed to know and how she can potentially help me. She also provided a fair price for her services and was willing to work with me on a payment plan. I instantly felt at ease despite knowing I could potentially lose my career and everything else I worked hard for. T. Maddox-Levine was easily accessible and informative every step of the way. I took the plea deal and settled for a lesser charge and was given 9 months of unsupervised probation pending completion of the court mandated programs. I am happy to say that I was able to keep my job and move on from this experience!! She is the best and I consider her my Legal guardian angel!!

5/5 Stars - Best DWI Attorney Reviewer:  "What an exceptional experience during one of the toughest times! Ms. Maddox-Levine is the epitome of professional and capable. During my experience, she went above and beyond to ensure my understanding and comfort. Ms. Maddox-Levine was always prompt and ready to answer any questions and address all concerns. At one point during my endeavor she caught the flu, but that had absolutely no effect on her presence or service; she showed up to court, on time and ready to do her thing. If you're in need of representation, please, look no further; Ms. Levine is knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate, and highly capable... She is, hands down, the best in the business!"

5/5 Stars- Best DWI Attorney Reviewer:  "Ms. Maddox- Levine is the best lawyer.  This was not my first DWI.  She was able to avoid Jail time for me. Ms. Levine is caring, understanding. She is prompt with her response and will walk you through the process step by step.
All I can say, is she’s AWESOME!"

5/5 Stars ​- Google Reviewer:  "This is the law office you call when you want the best legal representation in the District. Professional, passionate and personable. I'm so grateful for all their help."

5/5 Stars - Google Reviewer:  "Extremely proficient very professional and I would recommend Attorney Levine to anyone I am extremely satisfied and thankful she is courteous and timely and made me feel very comfortable and confident while I was involved in an unfortunate situation."

5/5 Stars- Google Reviewer: "Overall I can say Ms. Maddox was an excellent lawyer for someone such as myself. When contacted she would abruptly respond, she made me comfortable through the whole treacherous process of court, and even after everything was complete the additional concerns I had were immediately addressed! There's no better feeling than to have someone who you feel empathizes with you, is efficient, and more than anything is very knowledgeable/proficient when it comes to their position no matter what it is. Thank you again Ms.Maddox for all that you did for me. The entire process was a nightmare for me I must say again, but your pleasant demeanor and proficiency helped me make it through!"

5/5 Stars - Google Reviewer: "I've never needed a lawyer in my life, Ms. Maddox Levine was recommended to me. She was so helpful, I felt comfortable throughout the whole process. She was always easy to contact when I had a question. If you want a good lawyer that will fight for you she's the one!"

5/5 Stars - Google Reviewer: "Professional, effective, and personable. Mrs. Maddox Levine went above and beyond to address all of my needs as a client. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who may need them."

5/5 Stars - Posted by Client charged with multiple felonies that could have resulted in 20+ years in jail on each count if convicted [Jury found client NOT GUILTY on all counts



5/5 Stars - Posted by Client with a CDL license, who was charged with DUI with scores [Case dismissed]
"Went out one night with friends and was charge with DUI. I thought I was going to lose everything I work so hard to get. Ms. Maddox-Levine guided me through this scary process with her professionalism. So for me she was God sent. I would recommend Mrs. Maddox-Levine for Representation anytime."

5/5 Stars - Posted by Client charged with DUI [1st Time offender Treatment ] 
"Visited D.C for a weekend and ended up being charged with a Dui. I reside in NJ and Maddox-Levine was very nice and helpful and easy to work with through phones calls and emails. I only had to travel to D.C twice for my two hearings and Maddox-Levine handled everything in between on my behalf being that I lived out of state. We were able to work out a payment plan and I felt her service was fairly priced, Maddox-Levine kept me well informed on everything happening with my case, informing me of all my options, as well as letting me know how cases similar to mine were playing out in court as my court date approached. Maddox-Levine is very knowledgable and easy to reach. Overall I personally had a great experience dealing with Maddox-Levine, all things considered, and would recommend her to anyone in need of legal representation!" 

5/5 stars - Posted by a Client arrest for Simple Assault - September 29, 2014 [Arrest Record Sealed]
"I hired her to seal my arrest record ... was able to do so in a timely fashion and at a very reasonable price. She is simply the best in the business and I'm so happy I was able to find her."

5/5 Stars - Posted by a Client who's adult child was charged with DUI and Leaving After Colliding [Case dismissed
"Outstanding service; I looked and called a number of lawyers and I'm so glad I chose Ms. Maddox-Levine, she helped us through a very difficult time. She is personable, thorough and accessible throughout your situation; not to mention extremely knowledgeable."