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No worries - we can help with that too. Our general practice includes:

  • Civil Protection Orders/Stay Away Orders,
  • Elder Law (Guardianship Petitions), and
  • Probate & Estate matters


What do you do when you become 'a defendant'? You don't need judgment​​, You need:

  • An Attorney who is rated as the best DUI lawyer in Washington, DC,
  • An Attorney who is local (in court everyday before the same judges & prosecutors involved in your case),
  • An affordable AND experienced DUI Attorney/Criminal Defense Attorney/General Practice Attorney,
  • An attorney with extremely high client reviews, 
  • An Attorney who is responsive to your calls, questions, and concerns; AND
  • An Attorney who will fight for you - not just roll over!

We know the nuances of criminal advocacy, DUI/DWI/drunk driving defense and civil law matters because we don't just 'talk about it' - we are literally in court every day before the same judges/prosecutors and court personnel likely to be involved in your case.  We know the law, understand the processes, and can help you navigate the complexities of your particular situation.   Of course we've handled  thousands of cases, but we also understand that 'being in the middle of a legal fight' can be the loneliest place in the world for a client IF they don't have a lawyer in their corner who understands the importance of each individual case to each individual client.  So we communicate with our clients, answer the phone, keep clients informed and talk with them about the law, their options/goals/questions and concerns.   Once clients are armed with that level of information and a strong legal advocate in their corner, they are no longer invisible in the process, but rather empowered - which lead to awesome results!  You deserve that kind of advocacy.  You deserve a lawyer that you have confidence in; and whether it is for impaired driving/DUI, elder law, or probate and estate matters - you deserve a lawyer that can trust will be on your side.  We understand the value of people and of processes, so we have worked hard over the past 16 years to make sure that our clients know that too.  Knowledge. Experience. Trust.  It all matters.


PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE - You didn't budget for DUI/Criminal Defense/Civil law matter this year? No worries (no one does).

We know how much good quality legal representation costs, which is why we offer reasonable flat fee retainers (on criminal matters) and competitive initial retainers with reasonable hourly rates thereafter (on civil matters). You've had enough surprises; legal fees shouldn't be another.




You didn't budget for a DUI this year? No worries (no one does). ​

We know how much good quality defense cost in a DUI case/criminal defense/civil law case, which is why we offer reasonable flat fee retainers. You've had enough surprises.


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