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Posted by T Gail Maddox Levine, Esq | Apr 08, 2020 | 0 Comments

Many people think that a “DUI” occurs only when a person is literally drinking while they are driving  or when a person is driving when they are clearly drunk.   The truth is – that's not all it takes to be considered as “Driving Under the Influence” (DUI) in Washington, D.C.

In D.C., as in most other jurisdictions, a case for DUI is proven at trial when the government/prosecutor shows proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a person was operating a motor vehicle while they either:

  1. Had an alcohol concentration level at the time of testing at :
  • .08 gm.< per 100 ml. (blood),
  • .08 gm.< per 210 l. (breath), OR
  • .10 gm.</100 ml. (urine).


  1. One's ability to operate the vehicle was impaired by drugs, alcohol or a combination of drugs & alcohol to a degree that could be perceived or noticed.

The government is not required to show what kind of alcohol/drugs were involved.  This is important to note because it means that it doesn't actually matter whether the drug(s) involved were legal (i.e. a drug prescribed to you by a doctor or a legal OTC drug).  If the drug/alcohol used impaired a person's ability to drive – it can be used to support a DUI charge.

OK, so you might be asking – “What if I'm not driving?  Can I still be considered DUI under DC law?”  Well the answer to that hinges on how  the law defines “operating a motor vehicle”.  Under the law, “operating” is defined as having actual physical control over a vehicle; including driving it, pushing it, and even being parked whether the car is off/on.  Many other scenarios ca be included in defining “operating” ; but you get the point – it's not just driving.  It could be as simple as just sitting behind the steering wheel with the ability to drive.  And

That's knowledge you can use.

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